Welcome to Air Restore

Air Restore (NZ) Ltd is a high-tech HVAC cleaning, decontamination and restoration company. Duct cleaning is a misleading term, as it implies just the ducting network of the HVAC system is cleaned. To yield positive results, total system cleaning, decontamination and restoration of all ductwork, fans, coils, internal insulation and other components may be required.

Air Conditioning Systems Refurbishment

We Guarantee

  • Eliminate the risk of IAQ related problems from contaminated HVAC systems and components such as coils, condensate drain trays, internal insulation etc.
  • Cooling coils heat transfer ability is restored and the pressure drop across the coil is reduced resulting in a saving on fan energy.
  • Overall system performance will increase and energy consumption will be reduced.
  • Control system components (sensors & dampers) will respond better which is particularly important in the event of a fire.