Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Why clean kitchen exhaust systems?


  • To reduce the risk of fire hazards – prevention of high grease buildup.
  • To adhere to fire, health and safety guidelines – a legal obligation to promote building safety.
  • To increase the efficiency of the exhaust system – a clogged system requires more energy to run, and is inefficient.
  • To provide a safer and more comfortable workplace – the removal of odours and fumes leaves the air cleaner to breathe.
  • To provide a cleaner and healthier environment – removal of grease and dirt reduces the growth of bacteria and promotes a cleaner air flow.
  • To save energy whilst running the system – a system which is extremely clogged would not be able to draw air efficiently, and would be running inefficiently.
  • To save money – the cost incurred in cleaning the system on a one-off basis, is a long and involved process, whereas to clean a system which has been regularly serviced, is a quicker and easier job.